Payroll Services

Why Choose CNY Payroll?

As a business owner, payroll is one of your most important tasks. It's also one of your most time consuming! We help reduce the stress and struggle of your payroll with our full suite of payroll services. From self-service for employees, to Davis Bacon reporting and direct deposit we can help make your payroll process easier by reducing your time cost on manual tasks so you can allocate resources to other activities!


We interface with many vendors and have our own timekeeping application. This can be customized with GPS tracking, IP static punching, or PC/tablet punching, saving you precious time in calculating hours.

Time Accruals

NYS required employers to track sick time allowing 1 hour per 30 hours worked. We automatically accrue for all our employees that would like this feature. We also offer a broad range of customized accruals for PTO, sick, vacation with a time off request and approval feature.

Job Costing

Allow your employees to punch their time by job, department, or location using our timekeeping software. We can customize this by your company needs, and provide reporting to support this!

New Hire Reporting

• Captures new hire information automatically
• Submits new hire reports to appropriate state agencies
• Provides management reports on all filings
Payroll Forms